My Philosophy is People

Brisbane Family Custom Photography

Hi!  I'm Kerry and I'm a mother, wife, and I've done a few different things in my 46 years in this life.  I'm an old soul with a passion to capture the sacred in the ordinary and every day. 

I love people in all their complexity and quirkiness, and I have a soft spot for landscapes too.  I love to experiment and to see how I can really bring out the quintessential qualities in people, things, and in life through photography.

My current mediums are still photography and videography.  You can visit my multimedia site, TSI Multimedia, where I combine photography and video, helping people who are doing it for themselves, market effectively through multimedia.  I am a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and Videographers (AIPP), and I bring to my work a unique quality, and I strongly believe that you and every person has a story.  

My passion is to give your story a voice, so you can create a lasting legacy that adds value to your life and recognises your unique contributions. But most importantly...I WANT YOU TO FEEL SOMETHING!

Kerry xx

Brisbane and Gold Coast Family Photographer